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The Knee Clinic

The Knee Clinic was established on the auspicious occasion of Gudi Padwa in April 2016 with the sole aim of making patients Walk. Run. Live. Over the last four years, we have tried our level best to offer ethical and evidence-based treatment for all knee issues transcending social and economic barriers.

The Rehab Clinic, lead by Dr. Bhushan Chaudhary and Dr. Disha Dedhia, has complimented our practice since inception. We have also been lucky to have one of the most skilled and astute anaesthetists, Dr. Surekha Sonawane working with us. Most of the six hundred-odd patients operated, have sailed through surgery due to her efforts. To complete our sphere of healing, we have referred and received work from Dr. Aditya Pathak (General Orthopaedics and Trauma) and Dr. Kapil Mohan (Spine).

Since the last two years, we have been associated with Dr. Chintan Desai (Shoulder), Dr. Abhishek Kini (Foot and Ankle) and Dr. Priyank Patel (Spine). Together, we offer super-speciality Orthopaedic services to patients across Mumbai with outreach OPD clinics in Kolkata and Guwahati. This quartet, the 'Advanced Orthopaedics' Group, now leads the Orthopaedic department at ACI-Cumballa Hill Hospital, Kemps Corner, Mumbai.


The Knee Clinic aspires to leap beyond the frontiers of healthcare services offered in India and provide the kind of care you truly deserve. We want to establish a new system that makes high-quality medical and surgical management available to everyone in a dignified manner and at an affordable price.


The Knee Clinic was born with the sole motto of making people walk free. The name is easy to recognize and identify, bridging the widening gap between super-speciality doctors and patients. It is foreseen as a center of contemporary, evidence-based care and excellence, trying to alleviate the society of knee problems.

Walk - Run - Live

Birds have wings. They can fly where they want, when they want. They have freedom that many people envy. On a similar note, life is all about movement. At The Knee Clinic, we strive to give you just that. We aspire to make every patient Walk.. Run.. Live!!

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